I made a photography Bucket List...

I've been feeling pretty positive about my #photography recently and I got to thinking about 10 things I just HAVE to do before I kick the bucket... Prizes (in the form of a hefty discount) for anyone willing to help me tick any of these off... form an orderly queue please!

Ok.. In no particular order (because they are all up there at number 1!)

Photograph a birth

Yep. Let's just dive right in there and get to the heavy stuff. I mean, this would be AMAZING! I love talking about babies and the absolute frickin' beauty of childbirth, and to be able to capture something as raw and emotional as bringing a life into the world would just be phenomenal!

Photograph an elopement

The romance! #Swoon! I'd love to be whisked away to some far off corner of the world and capture a couple in the midst of their romantic journey. I'm thinking gorgeous landscapes and beautiful couples living in the moment!

Beach Wedding

You don't have to wear shoes.. 'nuff said. But really, a beach wedding would be amazing! So beautiful and romantic - count me in!

Romantic couple shoot in a lake or body of water

Yes please! I've been inspired by some super beautiful and steamy lake sessions recently. They are crazy romantic and you can get absolutely lost in each other while I step back and capture the love!


Ah I'd LOVE to photograph a proposal! The moment of realisation and emotions for both parties. These can be so flipping beautiful!

Halloween Wedding

I mean, to anyone who really knows me, this will come as no surprise, I'm sure! Halloween is my most favourite celebration. The colours! The dark romance! The shenanigans! Count me in!

Couple shoot or wedding under the Northern Lights

They are just so damn beautiful! I've always wanted to go and see the Northern Lights and I just know they would make the most gorgeous backdrop for some stunning images. A good friend of mine proposed to his now-wife in Iceland under the Northern Lights and I can only begin to imagine how romantic it must have been!

Colourful Couple Shoot

I'm thinking... let's involve a powder paint fight a-la Holi Festival or some multicoloured smoke bombs. Anything where I can really make those colours POP!

Tattooed Couple Shoot

The more tattoos the better! Tattoos are just so damn sexy and look amazing on camera. Most of the couple shoots I'm totally inspired by tend to have heavily tattooed couples. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the ink ;)

Shoot a wedding at The Asylum in London

I mean, just take a look for yourself and you can see why this would be an EPIC location for a wedding. It's probably way cooler than I am, but a girl's gotta dream, right?

(Literal proof of my uncoolness today - why do I always pop the 'girl power' pose?? smh...)

Well there you have it... 10 things I NEED to do! If you're planning anything like this, get in touch and let's chat - help me help you and all that jazz...