How to ROCK a rainy wedding

Something us Brits are much too familiar with... planning a freakin awesome day out / BBQ / pool party (or anything else that requires a group of people to be outside) and you can almost guarantee that, at some point, the heavens will open.

I'm here to tell you that if it happens on your wedding day, you can absolutely ROCK the hell out of it... as long as you're prepared!

The Science

Ok... so maybe these aren't actual scientific facts, more like traditions and superstitions, but "The Science" sounds cooler so we're going with that!

  • I'm sure you've heard this before but it really is supposed to be good luck for it to rain on your wedding day! In Hindu tradition it is seen as a sign that your marriage will be long lasting. This is also backed up by hand fasting traditions, in which the couple's hands are bound together with ribbon or cord, as 'the wetter the rope, the tighter the knot' (which is actually where the saying 'tie the knot' comes from)

  • In some cultures, rain on a wedding day is supposed to symbolise fertility - if you're into the idea of having a few sprogs running around, this could be a great thing!

  • Rain is also symbolic of cleansing and washing away any past troubles - think of it like a clean slate for you and your new spouse to begin the next phase in your lives.

  • If you chose to have real flowers, the rain can keep them fresher! Nothing worse than flowers that wilt before the day is through!Well.. maybe some things are worse, but anyway...

  • Rain clears the air, making it much more breathable for those with seasonal allergies.

  • And lastly... it camouflages all those happy tears! You can feel free to weep your heart out at the beauty of the day, and no-one would be any the wiser ;)

My Top Tips for Awesome Rainy Days

Be Prepared!

Try and make sure that you have a designated person to look after some rainy day supplies - do you want to wear some funky wellies? Colourful umbrellas? I always have a giant stash of umbrellas in the boot of my car whenever I shoot a wedding - even if the forecast is sunny! I have about 20-30 umbrellas of a variety of colours and transparencies - clear ones are particularly great for couple shots as they still let the light through. Though I love to get the colourful ones out for some funky group shots :)

What will be your Plan B? Plan C?

If you chose a venue based on the exterior, it could be pretty devastating when you find out that you can't make full use of the beautiful grounds because of the rain. Chat to the venue to make sure that you are happy with their 'plan B' suggestion. Think about what your guests can do inside - you could hire giant lawn games that can easily be used inside if there is room, or even get someone to plan some games ahead of time - a Mr and Mrs style game is great for a rainy day!

Have your photos taken inside

Usually, when you think of wedding photos, we instantly imagine an outside area. Any photographer who's shot more than a couple of weddings will know what to look for to find some gorgeous inside locations - hint.. it's all about looking for the light! Venues will also have a great idea of what works well on a rainy day, so you can rest assured that no matter what happens, your photos will still be AMAZING!