...but what should I wear?

Having your photo taken professionally is a pretty big deal - it probably doesn't happen very often and the images are going to be around for a while. If you're anything like me, then your walls at home will be covered in photos of your nearest and dearest. Something I get asked ALL the time is what to wear on a shoot, what's going to look best and whether families should coordinate. Well I've decided to put together some of my personal ideas and tips. Honestly though, in the end it really is up to you!

What colours are best?

Personally, I love a splash of colour! Some photographers might advise against wearing anything too bold but I think colours can look fantastic on photos. It totally depends what you're going for. If you love to dress in colours, wear them! Your photos are a chance to capture your personality and if you wear something totally out of character, you may not love the images as much as you could. Likewise, if you are someone who loves to wear black and feels confident in that colour, rock the black! A photoshoot captures a moment in time and should be a reflection of who you are - not of who you think you should be. You do you.

We are family! Should we try and coordinate?

To an extent... I'd suggest trying on your clothes together just to make sure that what you are wearing doesn't clash. Try to avoid colours that are an almost match but not quite (think oranges and reds or navy and black).

I love it when a family look a little different and you can see each of their personalities shining through in their choice of outfit. I also think it looks great to choose a colour that everyone will wear a little of, just to make you look even more like a unit as opposed to simply individuals.

The only thing I would really advise against, is matching outfits for adults... Now yes, putting the kids in something that matches is super cute and will look great in the pictures of them together, but can we please draw a line at the cheese-fest that is an entire matching family outfit. They date pretty quickly and can look way too cheesy if you're wanting some timeless shots of the fam. However, like I've said before, you do you - if your family love a bit of cheese, go for it!

The shot below is a Christmas themed shoot. I absolutely love how they incorporated lots of red for each member to keep things festive, but held off on corny Christmas jumpers...

So what about couples?

Personally, I think couples should wear whatever they are comfortable in. The thought of having a couples shoot, for a lot of people including myself, is enough to send the pulse skyrocketing and the sweat glands working overtime. The last thing you want to be worrying about when having your photo taken with your beau is being uncomfortable in what you are wearing.

A shoot with your love should be fun, chilled out and natural, so wearing something you feel happy in is pretty important. I usually suggest that if the shoot is during the day, you wear something you might choose if you were going out for a meal. So maybe not just leggings and a baggy t-shirt even if you do feel super comfortable in it.... just saying.

Final thoughts...

The most important thing is that you're happy in what you're wearing. You want to be able to focus on the moment and have fun with the people you love, not be worrying about your clothes. So here are my top tips in bullet-point form :)

  • Wear something that reflects your personality - the shoot is about you after all!

  • Colours are awesome - if you love colours... though black is super cool too.